Faith Formation



First Holy Communion



Catholic Students in second grade are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Eucharist throughout the school year.  This preparation is part of the second grade religion curriculum.
This school year, the sacrament of Holy First Communion will take place on Saturday, May 9th, 2020


The St. Joseph Catholic School 2017 Confirmation class

Catholic students in middle school are preparing to renew their baptismal vows through confirmation.  Bishop Guglielmone travels to our parish every other year to perform the last of the three initiation rites so the catholic students will be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and strengthened in their Catholic Life.
Information about confirmation dates is shared with the families upon request.

Altar Serving




Catholic students in third grade and up are invited to go through a short initial training to become altar servers during school mass and weekend masses.



Celebrating Our Lady of Guadelupe


All students made paper flowers that were offered to Our Lady of Guadelupe during a school wide celebration of Her feast day, December 12.  We celebrated Our Lady with a school-wide prayer service.


Retreats and Special Faith Formation


Focus for lower elementary grades (1,2, and 3)
The "visible and invisible" discusses creation and how God becomes visible through and in creation. This talk takes them through the process of how the invisible thought of their Mother remembering their birthday becomes the visible birthday cake celebrating their birth, the day when they became fully visible outside their mother.

Focus for upper elementary grades (4,5, and 6)

Truth in thought, word, and deed prevents us from believing false ideas or lies. How we think effects what we say and what we do. The central role of charity in all relationships and the responsibility of thinking, speaking, and acting in charity always and everywhere.

Focus for middle school grades (7 and 8)

God in numbers and how we see that math, science, geometry, and biology proves the omnipresent existence of our creator, God.

St. Joseph Feast Day


We celebrate the Solemnity of St. Joseph on March 19 with our school families.  We shared breakfast with students and parents.  The PTO built a St. Joseph Altar, an Italian tradition, and served Zeppoles, delicious Italian St. Joseph pastries and other breakfast treats.

The Rosary Club   Fr. Gillespie awarding a statue of Mary to a student after Mass.

The presentation of the gifts



September's winners from all classes, nominated by teachers, of "showing the virtue Faith" throughout the month.




Father Gillespie discussing with our 1st graders the homily he gave during the children's  mass.