Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 1:00 AM
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Visual Arts




St Joseph's Visual Arts Program is an exploration of design elements and principals, engaging the use of multi-media art materials and the  introduction of recognized artists. Students in all grades will participate in art classes ranging from 45-70 minutes, with the exception of Pre-Kindergarten, which meets for an age appropriate time.
Pre-K through First grade students learn how to safely utilize art tools. Students  create using a variety of art materials, with the process being emphasized. Students are offered connections with art through visuals found in story books and art that has special meaning to them.
Students 2nd through 4th grade explore varied art themes, including SC  and international historical and  cultural art connections.  Students are offered many opportunities for applying media and learn to work towards  successful competition of art projects.
Upper grade students, 5th through 8th grade, are truly engaged in how art connects them to others with the inclusion of service learning opportunities along with core art projects. While learning about artists and processes, students will hopefully find purpose and meaning in their work.


Mrs. Beckman takes her role as art facilitator seriously by helping students to feel positive about their work and to have a life-long appreciation for the arts.
She has taught mostly elementary school art, with a brief year in middle school, covering more than 15 years. She began her elementary art teaching career here at St. Joseph's!