Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 12:00 AM
Masses have resumed: Sunday Masses are 5 PM (Sat. Vigil), 8:30 & 11 AM. The 1 PM Sunday Mass has been CANCELED for May 24th and beyond. See Guidelines for Return to Mass here.
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Classroom Events

4th Grade Field Trip


Making Dinosaur Tracks in 2nd Grade


The Bookworm Award!


Chemistry In The 5th grade!



Saturation, concentration, mixtures, solutions, chemical reactions.  Fifth grade science was filled with hands-on experiments as these concept and many more were taught.  Even though the students’ hope of “blowing something up ” did not come through, there were many exciting experiences!

Science in the 1st Grade

First grade students are recording their observations as they returned from a nature walk to explore living and non-living thing

7th and 8th grade Science Class DNA  extraction Lab



During one of the Life Science classes on DNA and Heredity, Middle school students are extracting DNA from a banana and epithelial cells from their own cheek. Students are exploring methods scientists use to work with DNA.  They also learn to examine DNA's chemical properties.

5th Grade Technology - Programming robots on a Given Course

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