Our Mission


Our Mission

Saint Joseph Catholic School, a ministry of Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Anderson, South Carolina, integrates all learning with faith by empowering preschool, elementary, and middle school students to achieve their full potential as children of God. Saint Joseph Catholic School endeavors to assist parents, as primary educators of their children, in nurturing the necessary intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and moral skills to become productive, ethical citizens in the Catholic tradition by providing a sanctuary where academic excellence and spiritual growth can flourish.

Our Purpose

To provide an excellent foundation in academic knowledge and skills integrated with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

To establish a loving and caring atmosphere which nurtures a reverence for God and one another through the principles of daily prayer, service and worship at Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and Liturgical Celebrations.

To teach moral and spiritual values and to integrate faith into everyday life so that students may give witness to Christian values through service at school, in the parish, at home and in the community.

To provide experiences which develop leadership, initiative, dependability, self-discipline and respect.

To foster the development of a positive self-image which encourages appropriate social interaction.

To nurture sound relationships between home and school.

To develop technological proficiency and awareness of global and environmental concerns.

To cultivate in all children and awareness and understanding of their faith and American heritage in a Catholic environment.

To assist in the Sacramental Preparation of our Catholic students in conjunction with our parish.